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Is there a spy in your pocket?

(BBC) Imagine if hackers could remotely install spyware on your phone that gave them access to everything – including encrypted ...
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Safe or Risky: Saving Passwords in your Browser.

It’s convenient and easy—especially as we can’t remember so many passwords—so when our browser helpfully offers to save our login ...
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Encryption and Decryption.

WHAT IS ENCRYPTION? Encryption is the process through which data is encoded so that it remains hidden from or inaccessible ...
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What’s Google Drive all about?

WHY WOULD YOU USE GOOGLE DRIVE? One of the most versatile apps from Google is Drive. Whether you are at ...
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WhatsApp Two-Step Verification: Why is it important and how to Activate it?

WHY IS IT SO IMPORTANT? Imagine this current scenario without two-step verification. You forget your phone and someone cleverly takes ...
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Google is Monitoring you!

Did you know that when you search on Google, they keep your search history forever? That means they know every ...
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7 Effective Social Media Marketing Tips for 2019

1. Stay Active Some people use social media and give up after a few weeks. Social media success is not ...
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How to use a Smartphone as a QR and Barcode Scanner

QR is short for Quick Response (they can be read quickly by a cell phone). They are used to take ...
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Twitter Tips – One

Twitter is probably the most powerful platform for social media marketers but many people from this part of the world ...
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Creating a Hashtag

These days, people just create any hashtag in their post hoping that it would trend, when in fact it may ...
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